For the past two years, Senate Republicans have pushed one unpopular and harmful policy after another, from repeals of the Affordable Care Act to tax cuts for the rich. They’ve been in lockstep with President Trump’s harmful agenda, including a disastrous government shutdown that cost the country billions and devastated working Americans and their families.
In 2019 and 2020, American Bridge will hold incumbent Senate Republicans accountable for their actions and their continued support for a dangerous administration.
These Republican Senators are up for reelection in 2020. It’s time for voters to Fire Them.
  • Collins is the most vulnerable 2020 Senate incumbent.
  • Collins is out of touch with her constituents — and in lockstep with an extreme, destructive GOP agenda.

  • Collins’s vote for Brett Kavanaugh marked the beginning of the end of her career.

  • Collins has confirmed dozens of anti-choice judicial nominees, contradicting her supposed support of reproductive rights. 


  • Gardner backed multiple failed ACA repeal bills, votes that will cost him his political career.



  • Tillis won by less than 2 points in 2014, a historic year for Republicans.
  • North Carolina elected a Democratic governor in 2016 with Trump on the ballot.

  • Tillis had refused to break from his party on issues like health care that matter most to voters.



  • Arizonans already refused to send Martha McSally to the Senate once.
  • McSally has revealed herself to be a feckless, craven, flip-flopping politician.

  • McSally lacks the support of key demographics needed to win in 2020.



  • Ernst will face a vastly different electorate in 2020 than in 2014.
  • Ernst is a Washington insider whose folksy rhetoric rings hollow.

  • Ernst will try and fail to appeal to competing factions in the GOP.



  • Georgia’s electorate is expanding in Democrats’ favor.
  • 2018 proved Democrats have a legitimate path to victory in Georgia.

  • There is a wealth of untapped research waiting ready on David Perdue.