Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO)

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner is fighting for his political life — and his path to victory gets more untenable by the day.

As a member of the House, Gardner was one of the original acolytes of Tea Party Republicanism. As soon as he announced for Senate in 2013, he flip-flopped in order to hide his true colors from voters in 2014.

Gardner hasn’t been able to maintain his moderate facade. Again and again, he’s chosen blind loyalty to Trump over Coloradans. And that blind loyalty is alienating must-win unaffiliated voters, who increasingly dislike Trump.

Gardner's partisan record in the Senate speaks for itself.

He supported multiple failed attempts to gut the Affordable Care Act — which proved to be the top issue in the 2018 election. He’s also cast other marquee votes likely to alienate centrist Coloradans, including a vote for the Republican tax scam.

And, in his greatest show of extreme party loyalty, Gardner served as Chair of the NRSC, Senate Republicans’ campaign arm, in 2018, helping spearhead a strategy that relied on extreme rhetoric around immigration.

To appeal to Colorado’s increasingly blue electorate, Gardner will almost certainly attempt to cast a moderate profile again this cycle, but his record proves differently — and American Bridge will make sure voters know the real Gardner doesn’t stand for them. Gardner is on notice.

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